Tēnā koutou katoa
Welcome to you all

Why have a blog?

The posts on this blog are put there to promote free discussion and learning, either directly or through subsequent discussion that results from comments placed by you or me. I am likely to learn from any comment that you put against a post so please feel free to do so.

What I write in a post will reflect my personal opinion at the time of writing, but it may not necessarily represent the opinion that I hold some time later. Though my opinion may change, I won't necessarily change my published posts even if I then disagree with their content. My blog should also record how my opinion develops over time.

Comments that appear against a post

I believe in fairness. What I expect from you as commenter will likewise be adhered to by me. I invite you to comment if you feel I have been unfair. Since I am responsible for what is displayed on this blog I will try to follow these guidelines as best I can.

Here they are:

I will be reluctant to let a comment remain if it contains inappropriate material or links to inappropriate sites. The following list gives some examples of the type of comment content that I'd be disinclined to leave displayed:

offensive language especially that is vernacular or culturally inappropriate
language that is ageist, sexist, racist, politically or culturally denigrating
personal information that is considered potentially defamatory
personal detail or details that may be interpreted as bringing a person or company into disrepute
links to commercial sites if of an inappropriate nature.

Personal details in a comment

I have a reluctance to let comments remain that contain personal details about you or of other people. Personal details include explicit postal address, business address, email address, post box or mail bag number. The reason for this is that I would hate you to come by misfortune or other calamity through personal material being made available on this site. A more suitable route for such communication might be direct email from person to person.

Alteration (editing) and Deletion of Comments

I won't edit your comment. This includes comments that may have misspelt words and other associated typos. My spelling is shocking. I use a spelchekcer when possible :-) and I invite you to do likewise.

If you contact me appropriately with a request that your comment be deleted, I'll first have to consider the contribution that your comment makes to any existing thread. If your comment makes a significant contribution to the integrity and continuity of an existing discussion I will probably leave it. This is only fair to other people whose comments may lose their significance or relevance by the removal of your comment.

Comments are always welcome

I invite you to contribute to the atmosphere of this blog by welcoming others.

Please give due thought to your use of words, wording, preciseness and clarity of what you may express in any comment before you submit it. By doing this you will be giving consideration to others who may care to visit this site. I wish you the opportunity to observe or participate in pleasant and understandable discourse. Enjoy!

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Ka kite anō
Catch ya later
updated 6 Sept 2008